The Free Radical.

Smart. A Micro-sized feat of perfection.

Sexy. Electric, connected, & intelligent.

Affordable. Starting at $69,995. US


Meet ATOM Modular.


It's all about the story right? Well, we have a pretty good one but why boast on past achievements of designing millions and millions of dollars in luxury real estate for the elite, really elite? Now we're ready to scribe a meaningful chapter of meeting the needs of the many, and the wants of more than a few. We want YOU to be our story.

The first chapter starts with you.


We build our own brand of incredible modular microhouses and bespoke modular buildings of many uses and purposes. If you have a plan and proposed use of your own for a building, our system of modular building can bring value to your permanent or relocatable structure.

You bring the dream and we will help you built it.


Our technology is crazy good. So good we don't want to share it on-line. Why? Because of companies that don't possess our design and building skill set, they will simply rip it off. They likely will try but why make it easy for them? Suffice to say the ATOM Modular structures are strong, really strong, energy efficient, and offer unmatched flexibility and bespoke configurations. Just for you!


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Tel: 858-205-1127

CSLB Lic. No. 964715

P.O. Box 1092

Bonita, CA 91902


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Tel: 858-205-1127

P.O. Box 1092

Bonita, CA 92154

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